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Kristin Farwell

Tony Zambito

Founder of Buyer Personas

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Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Ardath Albee Cintell

Especially in B2B marketing, understanding buyers as human beings is absolutely key to creating compelling, relevant, and effective content. At the core of great content is true empathy for the buyer, and a tool such as Cintell could help companies achieve this insight

Personas are an active tool that can provide insights for strategies and decisions for digital marketing programs designed to help the company achieve business objectives and drive sustainable business growth.

I am excited about the potential of Cintell to allow organizations to operate and share a common platform of relevant persona-based customer insights, and giving them the ability to be not only customer-centered but also human-centered in their marketing and sales efforts

Ardath Albee

CEO Marketing Interactions Inc