Are you seeing ROI from your buyer personas?

Increase persona adoption, integrate throughout 
your business, and uncover new insights from big data to
drive stronger marketing results and more sales.

Increase ROI and adoption of personas by 5X

Publish and manage personas from a scalable, flexible cloud platform.

IMPACT: A centralized persona repository leads to 5X increase in use of personas.

  • Improve access to buyer insights companywide and make your teams subject matter experts

  • Save time managing personas within a fully customized, centralized and secure knowledge base 

  • Enable sales teams with relevant content and messaging, and collect their feedback

  • Incorporate personas under one platform while reducing costs associated with maintenance

Integrate your personas into CRM and marketing automation:

  • Improve database coverage by mapping contacts to persona to identify gaps

  • Execute high-performing persona-based campaigns with marketing automation integration

  • Drive more sales by arming reps with contextual persona insights, messaging, and content within their CRM views

Drive 2X sales pipeline and 3X better marketing. 

IMPACT: Persona-driven sales and marketing yields 2X more pipeline and 3X lift in campaign response.

  • Save time searching for new insights and customer intelligence manually

  • Leverage our extensive network of data partners and powerful analytics engine to add new insights about your buyers, their industries, and their organizations

  • Never be irrelevant using these third-party insights to continuously understand their changing needs, priorities, preferences, and more. 

Professional Insights

Understand the full scope of your persona at work. Import their typical skills, tasks, responsibilities, technologies used, and more.

Content Trends

Get the latest scoop on what your persona is reading online. Understand key topics of interest and trends to know what's on their mind.

Social Insights

Explore relevant insights from social media, including matching social profiles, sentiment analysis, top content and influencers, and more. 

Enhance personas with big data analytics & external insights:

Get to know your persona beyond a job title with insights about their personality, cognition, and emotion. 

Personality Data

Uncover Missing Insights About Your Buyers

High-performing organizations are 7.4X as likely to have updated their personas in the last 6 months.

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"Cintell is intuitive, fast, and a powerful way for us to put new buyer insights in the hands of all of our employees."

Dan Briscoe

VP of Marketing, HCSS

"Cintell turns personas into active tools that can help companies drive sustainable business growth.”

Ardath Albee

B2B Marketing Expert,
Author, Cintell Advisor

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“Using buyer personas can improve content effectiveness, sales productivity, and marketing campaign performance. 

But for organizations to gain value from personas, they must be operationalized. 

To achieve this, marketers must gain buy-in, share persona insights across other functions of the business, and keep persona insights up-to-date so they can be used as active strategy tools to drive customer-centricity.”


John Donlon

Research Director


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